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Our Little Pearl

As soon as we knew we were going to be moving down to Cornwall, we knew we were finally going to get a cat. We're both lifelong cat people, however for the past six years in Bath our landlords haven't allowed pets. Now that we're in Cornwall renting from family we're finally able to bring a fur baby into our lives. We also have a car now, which we decided years ago was necessary before taking on the responsibility of a pet.

Initially we were planning on getting a kitten in early October, so I started looking last weekend in case any were being advertised a few weeks in advance. We're renting a converted train carriage near my parents' house, so any pets we got would be partially sharing the garden with their three cats. For that reason, we felt it prudent to get a young kitten so they could get to know the other cats from a young age. Yesterday morning I found a listing for three half Norwegian Forest, half Ragdoll kittens, eight weeks old, ready to take home that day, and based in the next village over from us. We called the owner who informed us that only one little girl was left, however we had a really good feeling about the listing so we arranged to meet her that evening.

That afternoon we went shopping for a few kitten essentials so we'd be prepared if we did decide to bring her home, then that evening we went to meet her. It was truly love at first sight; not only was she beautiful, but her temperament was just perfect. Calm yet sociable, and used to being around lots of other animals. We took turns holding her for half an hour or so whilst we chatted to her owner, although I think we both knew within the first few minutes that she was meant to be ours. Soon after she was snuggled up in her new blanket (pictured in these photos) in the car coming home with us. Since we collected her so late, we went straight to bed, Pearl snuggled in her blanket next to us.

She's settling in beautifully. It took us a while to decide on a name, but eventually we chose Pearl. We'd been discussing fandom names, from things like Disney, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, however somehow the name 'Pearl' ended up in the conversation and seemed to stick. She's sleeping, eating, and using her litter tray like a dream. She's also getting along as well as we could have hoped with my parents' cats (for the first day at least!). Not once has she hidden or cried or run away from anyone. She's adventurous, brave, playful, and she's stolen our hearts!


  1. She's gorgeous and what a lovely name!! And with those mixed breeds you are going to have a giant fluffy cuddle ball! NFs and ragdolls usually have pretty different temperaments so it'll be such an adventure watching her grow and develop :)

  2. What a beautiful name for such a gorgeous creature!

    Natalie - www.sheandlife.com

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