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Port Isaac

The odds were against us enjoying our day in Port Isaac. Health wise, it was the worst day I had over our trip, and it rained constantly. Thankfully, neither of these things drastically hampered our experience. My family were very patient with me, always willing to take breaks or walk at my speed, and although the rain refused to ease off there were plenty of shops and distractions to keep us occupied for the afternoon. Despite the weather, we were still drawn to the beach, where we competed to see who could collect the most sea glass.

We stopped for lunch at The Mote, where we were seated at a gorgeous window table overlooking the huddles of raincoats and umbrellas traipsing on and off the beach. Almost all of us went for their homemade fish finger sandwiches, which made the ideal rainy day pick me up (especially since they came with a side of chips). We also ducked in Buttermilk fudge shop for brief respite from the rain, where I picked up a bar of Cornish Cream Tea fudge. Living in Cornwall, good fudge is easy to find, however I was particularly impressed by Buttermilk.

Another favourite of the day was Port Isaac Pottery. It was such a surprising little building, set within a converted chapel. The ground floor is largely dominated by a welcoming cafe (which unfortunately we didn't get to stop at), whilst the upper level is a beautifully curated shop featuring a number of local wares. There was no shortage of tasteful little shops to explore in Port Isaac, which was a welcome discovery with all the drizzle. When the rain did lighten up slightly, we took some time to explore the more residential streets, window shopping for houses (and in my parents' case, spotting locations from Doc Martin).

Eventually we headed back to our base in Boscastle, where we rounded off our day with a walk to a nearby pub for dinner before crawling into bed. I would definitely like to see Port Isaac in the sun one day, but for now I'm content with the soggy yet peaceful day we spent familiarising ourselves with it. Despite the summer holiday crowds we inevitably had to compete with, it felt very quiet and still which I felt made it quite special and welcoming. Not to mention, as a result of the rain we got to see a tiny little miniature dachshund being carried by it's owner in a baby blanket as the puddles were too deep for it, which pretty much made my day.


  1. Your posts are making me so eager to go to Cornwall! The beaches look absolutely breathtaking