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Boscastle: Holiday Close to Home

Considering I've spent a total of a quarter of my life living in Cornwall, sometimes I feel like I've seen very little of it. The Lizard is my stomping ground, but even so I tend to spend the majority of my time in the same few villages/towns and exploring the same beaches. Aside from our nearest shopping town (Helston) I'll visit St Ives fairly often, along with Falmouth, Gwithian, Marazion, and Sennen. Outside of that bubble I've given some places a flying visit when I was younger, either on days out with friends or on school trips, however I haven't explored many places to the extent I would like to. As a result, I was very enthusiastic when my mum suggested an impromptu family trip to Boscastle.

My family run a number of on site holiday lets, and whilst Grant and I are lodging with them over the summer we're lending a hand with upkeep. As a result, Saturday mornings and early afternoons are typically a write off as that's when our changeovers take place. With this in mind, we planned our trip from a Sunday evening (after my sister had finished work), through to Thursday, meaning we'd have Friday to start preparing for Saturday's workload. Sunday evening we piled into two cars and made the journey from the Lizard to Boscastle.

We spent our first night at The Riverside, and arrived just in time to check in and freshen up before our dinner reservation downstairs. Grant and I were in a spacious family room with windows that looked right down onto the river; all night we could hear the sound of rushing water. The restaurant was very comfortable, with a simple but tasty menu. The majority of us had steaks, and we all treated ourselves to desserts! The following morning we were sat at the same table for breakfast, and by daylight were able to better appreciate the charming views. We enjoyed full English breakfasts before checking out and parking up to enjoy our first full day in Boscastle.

After dipping in and out of a few shops, we headed to The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic. This was certainly a highlight of our first day. It's tucked away in a beautiful old house that presents the perfect setting for the incredibly vast collection of pieces relating to witchcraft, magic, and the occult. To read everything and fully appreciate every object and display would take numerous visits, and as a result I fully intend to return. As we were leaving there was a woman outside doing palm readings, so I sat with my sister whilst she had hers done. I returned later for a reading of my own, but unfortunately she was no longer there. An experience for another time.

We stopped for lunch at the nearby Harbour Light Tea Garden, which I'd seen countless times on Pinterest when researching Boscastle prior to our trip. It's every bit as charming in person as it is in photos, and as the sun decided to bless us with it's presence, it was the perfect place for a cold drink and a quick something to eat. Afterwards we made our way towards the sea and to the mouth of the harbour, where we spent some time admiring the view, exploring the coastline, and sunning ourselves on the harbour arm. By this time I was starting to feel fatigued (I'm dealing with some health issues regarding blackouts, dizzy spells and nausea at the moment), so I went to check into our main accommodation for the week; The Old Mill apartments at The Wellington Hotel.
Grant, my brother, sister and I shared a two bedroom apartment with a cosy kitchen and living room area. The apartments were newly renovated, and the original mill features were tastefully complimented by simple, contemporary furnishings and crisp white bedding. Walking into the lobby of the building the inner workings of the mill are still on display, and the original watermill can still be seen on the exterior.

Soon after checking in I went straight to sleep on the sofa. I've had to have a lot of naps lately or I start to feel dizzy and unwell, and since I knew we'd be heading out again in the evening I wanted to get some sleep under my belt. A few hours later I was woken up by my siblings coming in to freshen up before dinner, so I washed the sleep out of my eyes and tried my best to make myself feel human again. Earlier in the day we'd found a beautiful patch of rock overlooking the mouth of the harbour, so our plan for the evening was to get fish and chips and watch the sunset.

After grabbing our fish and chips from Sharon's Plaice, we made our way back down the waterside and settled down with our food. Considering how busy it had been earlier in the day, by evening it was incredibly peaceful. Unfortunately I had a dizzy spell on the rocks after standing up to get a drink, but Grant caught me before I did myself any damage. Thankfully, this was the only 'episode' I had through our trip, save for some bouts of nausea. I've been seeing my doctor regularly since getting back and a variety of tests are underway to try and figure out what is going on. It's been scary not knowing when/where I'll next blackout, but I'm doing my best to enjoy my summer.

Boscastle was incredibly refreshing. It lacked the countless tiny, sandy coves we're used to closer to home, but it made up for it in dramatic coastline and the appreciation it shares with visitors for it's rich heritage. Originally I'd planned to sum up our entire trip in one post, however looking through my photos on the journey home I realised that this simply wouldn't be possible. Instead, I'll be sharing posts about our trips to Tintagel, St Nectan's Glen, Port Isaac and Polperro over the coming weeks. I hope you enjoy looking through our photos as much as we enjoyed taking them.


  1. I visited Boscastle myself a few weeks ago, for me it was mainly to visit the witchcraft museum and so I was really taken aback by how absolutely stunning Boscastle itself is. Love how you've captured it in your photographs. I hope you feel better soon! ❤️

  2. My partner and I visited Cornwall for a week a few years ago and stayed in a cottage in Boscastle. It was so gorgeous and we loved visiting Lizard, Polperro and Padstow the most! Would love to go back but hate long journeys so need to build up the courage to do it again! Hope you feel better soon! xx