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Port Isaac

The odds were against us enjoying our day in Port Isaac. Health wise, it was the worst day I had over our trip, and it rained constantly. Thankfully, neither of these things drastically hampered our experience. My family were very patient with me, always willing to take breaks or walk at my speed, and although the rain refused to ease off there were plenty of shops and distractions to keep us occupied for the afternoon. Despite the weather, we were still drawn to the beach, where we competed to see who could collect the most sea glass.

St Nectans Glen: I Do Believe In Fairies

When I was a child I believed quite fervently in fairies and magic. Part of my strong belief was likely due to growing up in the countryside. Whenever I found anything in the garden or on walks that I didn't recognise or understand, I was certain fairies were the answer. Acorn caps were fairy bowls, skeleton leaves were the fabric fairies made their clothes from, and morning dew was the result of fairies watering the garden overnight. I even left them letters on my window sill, which my mum would write replies to in minuscule lettering on tiny scraps of paper. She'd even left little illustrations, and fairy gifts on birthday mornings so I always knew the fairies were thinking of me too.

I can't pinpoint the moment when I lost my childlike belief. My mum eventually confessed to being the author of my fairy letters, however this didn't extinguish my belief in them altogether; I simply began to consider them more shy and secretive than I once had. With age I of course became more skeptical and gave less thought to the matter. I've always wanted to believe, but sometimes as an adult it's difficult to maintain faith in such things.

Boscastle: Holiday Close to Home

Considering I've spent a total of a quarter of my life living in Cornwall, sometimes I feel like I've seen very little of it. The Lizard is my stomping ground, but even so I tend to spend the majority of my time in the same few villages/towns and exploring the same beaches. Aside from our nearest shopping town (Helston) I'll visit St Ives fairly often, along with Falmouth, Gwithian, Marazion, and Sennen. Outside of that bubble I've given some places a flying visit when I was younger, either on days out with friends or on school trips, however I haven't explored many places to the extent I would like to. As a result, I was very enthusiastic when my mum suggested an impromptu family trip to Boscastle.

My family run a number of on site holiday lets, and whilst Grant and I are lodging with them over the summer we're lending a hand with upkeep. As a result, Saturday mornings and early afternoons are typically a write off as that's when our changeovers take place. With this in mind, we planned our trip from a Sunday evening (after my sister had finished work), through to Thursday, meaning we'd have Friday to start preparing for Saturday's workload. Sunday evening we piled into two cars and made the journey from the Lizard to Boscastle.