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Trelissick Garden

Last weekend Grant and I did something that I think validates us a real adults; we both got National Trust memberships. One of my primary objectives with our move to Cornwall was to live a fuller life, exploring our local area without spending too much money. Back in Bath we found our free time became a little stagnant, especially since we didn't have a car. It was a small (albeit gorgeous) city, and we found that aside from parks and markets it was hard to find new ways to spend our weekends without parting with more money than was reasonable or just trying new places to eat. We wanted new greenspaces to explore, diverse areas to discover, whilst keeping to a modest budget.

Despite my family having been based in Cornwall for over a decade, Trelissick Garden had somehow stayed below their radar. They own and run a number of onsite holiday lets, and one week a guest left behind a map of the house and garden that piqued their interest. My brother's birthday has just passed, and his one request was a proper family day out, so it seemed the stars had aligned. When we arrived Grant and I went to pay for our entry, where we were told about the National Trust 13-25 Young Person membership, and since we'd already been considering joining (lots of gardens, car parks and attractions locally are National Trust owned) we decided to just go for it.

The house and gardens were very idyllic, yet small enough to fully explore in an afternoon. Hydrangea's bloomed around every corner, in countless different shades of pink, blue and purple, and every now and then the hedges would melt away and offer superb views of the surrounding land and river. A favourite of mine was the orchard, which was delightfully wild. The trees were heavy with young apples, and the grass was long and full of clover flowers. It also offered a wonderful view of The Water Tower, a fairytale building that now serves as a quirky holiday let.

I'm looking forward to putting our National Trust memberships to good use, and exploring the rest of the gardens, homes and castles our local area has to offer. During the move I rediscovered our picnic blanket and bag, so we're all set for more adventures. On the hottest of summer days all I want to do is get in the sea and swim, however this being Cornwall there's also a surplus of days when it's just a little too mild for the water to properly appeal, and now we're set to put those days to good use! A favourite of mine is Glendurgan Garden, which I hope to visit soon.

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