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Fruit Picking at Trevaskis Farm

I've alway considered myself more of a autumn/winter person than a summer person, however with that said I must admit that my all time favourite seasonal activity is strawberry picking. When we lived in Bath we opted not to have a car, figuring all the entertainment we needed was a short walk from our front door. In reality our world actually became very small, and despite the fact that we now live in a tiny fishing village as opposed to a city, life feels so much more varied. A fine example of this was the past Sunday, when we jumped in the car after breakfast and drove to Trevaskis Farm, followed by a late lunch at Sunset Surf cafe in Gwithian and a walk along the beach. If you asked me to sit down and describe my perfect Sunday, it would essentially look like this (the fact that we had homemade waffles for breakfast and there were also a bunch of cute animals to fawn over reaffirms this statement).

Trevaskis is my location of preference for Pick Your Own. It's set amidst 28 acres of land, and season dependant you can pick everything from strawberries, to peas, to cherries, to sweetcorn, to apples. It's also home to a great farm shop, restaurant, and a number of animals. Within itself it can be a day out, however whilst we were in the area we couldn't resist parking up at Gwithian once we were done filling our punnets with strawberries and raspberries.

There's a simplicity to PYO that I really love. Not only is the activity of trawling the tunnels for the biggest, brightest fruit fun in itself, but taking home and enjoying produce that you can source back to picking from the plant yourself is pretty special. The following evening we hulled out the strawberries and made four jars of jam; it was Grant's first jam making experience, and aside from one jar of seedless not setting as well as the others it was a resounding success. We've been having it on toast for breakfast, and the few leftover strawberries were served with prosecco on Monday for my sister's 18th birthday (don't get me started on how I feel about my youngest sibling turning 18).

Whilst this was certainly a big tick off my summer bucket list, I'm eager to go back and be a little more adventurous in my picking choices. The loganberries looked amazing (and tasted amazing - don't worry,  I donated to the 'sin bin' they had at the till), and come autumn I definitely want to pick fresh sweetcorn. Considering it's only mid-July, I feel like this is the most fulfilled summer I've had in years. There's still a fair few things I'd like to do and places I'd like to go, however I'm equally excited about the promise of autumn (everyday is PYO blackberry day here!).

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