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Sand Dunes

On Sunday we spent the afternoon at Gwithian (which is quickly becoming our most frequented beach). Come early evening the light turned soft and dreamy, however beach was still far too busy to steal a quick photoshoot in peace, so Grant and I decided to explore the sand dunes and find a quiet spot where we could put the light to good use. Taking photos together has been a favourite pastime of ours since the earliest years of our relationship; during our GCSEs we both got DSLRs and took an interest in photography, so we'd go on long walks through the countryside with our cameras and see what photos we could get of the landscape and one another. 

More recently this manifested in our joint work on my old personal style/lifestyle blog, Briar Rose. When I first launched it we would create quirky photo stories based around the outfits I'd put together. At college my personal style was best described as Alice in Wonderland meets Florence Welch, with varying degrees of success. In hindsight there were many outfits that missed the mark, however that was never what it was about. It was an expression of creativity, and that was evident in my early blog photos. I would create outfits inspired by Charles Perrault's fairytales, ballerinas, and -of course- Disney characters. This was before the popularity of 'street style' outfit photos became widespread. I didn't shoot my outfits out in the 'real world' like I did in my later years of style blogging once that had become the standard; I'd have a concept, and I'd create a 'set' in my garden using props, flowers and food. I wanted to share my outfits, but I also wanted to create fantastical images.

Fruit Picking at Trevaskis Farm

I've alway considered myself more of a autumn/winter person than a summer person, however with that said I must admit that my all time favourite seasonal activity is strawberry picking. When we lived in Bath we opted not to have a car, figuring all the entertainment we needed was a short walk from our front door. In reality our world actually became very small, and despite the fact that we now live in a tiny fishing village as opposed to a city, life feels so much more varied. A fine example of this was the past Sunday, when we jumped in the car after breakfast and drove to Trevaskis Farm, followed by a late lunch at Sunset Surf cafe in Gwithian and a walk along the beach. If you asked me to sit down and describe my perfect Sunday, it would essentially look like this (the fact that we had homemade waffles for breakfast and there were also a bunch of cute animals to fawn over reaffirms this statement).

Trelissick Garden

Last weekend Grant and I did something that I think validates us a real adults; we both got National Trust memberships. One of my primary objectives with our move to Cornwall was to live a fuller life, exploring our local area without spending too much money. Back in Bath we found our free time became a little stagnant, especially since we didn't have a car. It was a small (albeit gorgeous) city, and we found that aside from parks and markets it was hard to find new ways to spend our weekends without parting with more money than was reasonable or just trying new places to eat. We wanted new greenspaces to explore, diverse areas to discover, whilst keeping to a modest budget.