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Disneyland Outfits & Packing

Pretty much as soon as Grant surprised me with the knowledge that he'd booked our most recent holiday to Disneyland Paris, I started thinking about what I was going to wear. Originally I had all these grand ambitions to make my own skirts and dresses, however our decision to move and my ambitious costume projects for MCM last weekend (more on that soon!) rendered this idea too time consuming and an unnecessary cost. Nonetheless, I wanted to plan some special outfits for our trip, and dabbled in a bit of Disneybounding (i.e. implying a Disney character through clothing style/colour blocking without stepping over into costume territory).

Typically, my favourite outfit of the trip was the one I didn't get many photos of. On the third day we had lunch with the princesses at Auberge de Cendrillon, so I wanted to pay homage to my favourite princess - Sleeping Beauty. I wore my Aurora crown and necklace from my cosplay wardrobe, however the main aspect of the outfit (seen here) was the light blue satin midi skirt. This was repurposed from a maxi skirt I wore to my graduation two years ago - it hadn't been worn since, so I decided to shorten it to knee length. I got lots of compliments from cast members, and when I met Aurora she was very excited that I was wearing blue to compliment her pink.

On the day we arrived I didn't do an outright Disneybound, but I did wear a Mickey Mouse blouse with a pink skirt and ears with a matching bow. My colour scheme was essentially blue and pink; an extension of the kind of outfits I tend to wear a home, but with a bit of extra Disney whimsy. Other outfits included two Marie inspired ensembles based around my denim skirt from Lazy Oaf and a pair of fluffy ears I made from scrap costume fabric, and a Cinderella inspired outfit featuring a slouchy blue smock dress worn with a choker and a pair of sparkly ears from Etsy.

I did look into cute Disney bags, however we decided it would be more practical to just take one secure bag between us so we weren't have to keep track of too many belongings when we were in the parks. We opted for Grant's camera bag, as not only did it keep our DSLR safe but it also has lots of separate compartments that kept things organised through the day. I've had a few people ask for any advice on packing for a Disney holiday, so I thought I'd share a quick run through of what we kept in our bag -

- A water bottle and concentrated squash pouches to make the most of water fountains
- Lightweight rain macs - the forecast was all over the place and we wanted to be prepared
- SPF 50+ and sunglasses - as with the rain macs, we wanted to be prepared
- Extra cushioned blister plasters - we were constantly on our feet and used up our whole supply
- Ibuprofen and paracetamol, as these can be hard to come by on the resort
- Power bank/portable phone charger - avoided unforeseen trips back to the hotel

As much fun as I had with my outfits, comfort was still my priority. The days were long, and the unpredictable weather kept us on our toes. On our next Disney holiday I would definitely like to put aside the time to make some outfits or put together some more detailed Disneybounds, inspired by both characters and attractions. Putting in a bit of effort made me feel more invested in the magic, which can only be a good thing!

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  1. Thank you so much for this post! So helpful for my trip next month 💕🎉