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Summer Solstice at Kynance Cove

As I write this we're celebrating a week since our move back to Cornwall, so it seems rather fitting to be sharing photos from one of my favourite local beaches. My family moved to Cornwall when I was twelve, however for as long as I can remember we holidayed on the Lizard, spending most of our days at Kynance Cove. Kynance is our family happy place. It's more rugged and wild than a lots of the other popular local beaches, however it still has a cute cafe where you can settle down with a pot of tea during the daytime. In the summer however we tend to visit in  the evenings, when the beach is at it's quietest. It so happened that on Summer Solstice low tide fell at 9:30pm, so it was the ideal setup for a beach barbecue. We headed down around 7pm and toasted up a feast of chipolatas, bacon, and brioche.

Princess Serenity Cosplay


I didn't watch Sailor Moon as a child, so I had the pleasure of discovering it as an adult. I'd never really watched anime, until a couple of years ago when I was looking for something to watch after finishing my uni work for the year, and an obsession began. Despite having explored a few titles over the past year or so, Sailor Moon remains my favourite. I may not have watched it at the time, but the style and tone of the nineties anime is still incredibly nostalgic and takes me right back to that feeling I had as a small child whilst watching cartoons. I've since consumed as much Sailor Moon media as I can get my hands on, including the manga and Sailor Moon Crystal.

"There's only one like you" | Queenie & Jacob

It's a little over a week since we got back from our first big comic con of the year, MCM London. This year our convention plans are fairly limited as a result of other financial commitments, with the two MCM London conventions in May and October being our only concrete events. They were the first cons we ever attended, and are responsible for our joint enthusiasm for cosplay. We've only missed it once since we first started attending in 2014, and it's the event I tend to plan my bigger costume projects around. It's also the place where we met most (if not all) of our close cosplay friends, so we always look forward to it, not only for the event, but for the social aspect too.

Disneyland Outfits & Packing

Pretty much as soon as Grant surprised me with the knowledge that he'd booked our most recent holiday to Disneyland Paris, I started thinking about what I was going to wear. Originally I had all these grand ambitions to make my own skirts and dresses, however our decision to move and my ambitious costume projects for MCM last weekend (more on that soon!) rendered this idea too time consuming and an unnecessary cost. Nonetheless, I wanted to plan some special outfits for our trip, and dabbled in a bit of Disneybounding (i.e. implying a Disney character through clothing style/colour blocking without stepping over into costume territory).