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What I Bought At Disneyland Paris

On Friday evening we returned from a long overdue holiday to Disneyland Paris. Disneyland is a very special place to Grant and I; it's where he proposed back in 2011, and it's where we honeymooned in 2013. We even had a Disneyland inspired wedding, with the Main Street USA loop playing in the marquee during the reception and framed attraction posters on the tables. When we're there we fully embrace the Disney bubble and become big kids, and this trip was one of our most magical to date. We took thousands of photos which I'm still in the process of editing for blog posts, but for now I thought it would be fun to share the purchases I made during our time in the magic.

DISNEYLAND HOTEL CANDLE - The Disneyland Hotel is the most premium hotel at DLP; you walk under it to access the turnstiles to the park, hence it's almost as much of a landmark as the castle itself. It's big, pink, gorgeous, and absolutely magical. I stayed there a couple of times with my family when I was a teenager, and loved every moment. I dream of the day Grant and I can stay there, but for now we muster every excuse we can to go inside and soak up the atmosphere, whether it be dinner, drinks, or just browsing the boutique. The hotel has a very distinctive scent, which you can purchase in the boutique in the form of a candle or room spray if you're feeling a bit decadent. It wasn't cheap, but at the end of our trip we had just enough spending money left to treat ourselves.
RAINBOW MICKEY BISCUITS - We picked these up from the Boardwalk Candy Palace on Main Street. They're very buttery and delicious with a cup of tea, so we decided to take some home as a little treat to stave off the post-Disney blues. I was hoping to make them last until we leave for comic con next weekend, however I must confess that we have already eaten the entire box, along with the rest of the edible goodies we bought home. Oops.
SNOW WHITE FIGURINE - It's a tradition of mine to buy a small figurine on each of our trips. On our last two I got Aurora in her pink dress and Ariel in her wedding dress from a glittery collection very similar to this Snow White figurine. It's been a few years since or last trip, so the collections have changed, however aside from being a little bigger than my other princesses she goes very well with my collection. It was also fitting as we met Snow White in the Princess Pavilion and she was a delight; I asked her whether she'd been making any gooseberry pies lately (she has), and she told me about how she's been picking spring flowers from around the dwarves cottage and giving them to Rapunzel for her hair.
MARIE PEN - This was just too cute, I couldn't help myself. I wore two Marie themed outfits during our time in the parks (more on that in a later post!), so a couple of Marie themed souvenirs seemed appropriate. As it would happen, I was working on a new novel idea on the Eurostar to/from Disney, so I will likely be committing this pen to that project!
CASTLE RING - Grant proposed on the balcony of Sleeping Beauty's Castle, so it's a landmark that means a great deal to us and our marriage. Whilst browsing the Disneyland Hotel boutique after our meal there on our first night I found this gorgeous ring, and Grant decided to treat me. In these photos I'm wearing it on my ring finger in place of my engagement/wedding rings (I can only take photos with my right hand!), however day-to-day I've been wearing it on my opposite hand. I adore what it represents, and I have barely taken it off.
ATTRACTION POSTER ART PRINTS - As mentioned above, at our wedding we had framed attraction posters on the tables. You couldn't tell as the frames were relatively small, however the pictures were low resolution and printed straight from Google on our home printer. As a result, when I found out that Disneyland Paris were now selling packs of high quality 30x40cm prints of the iconic artwork you see walking into the park, I knew we had to buy them. We intend to make a feature wall with all of them just as soon as we have the space.
MEDIUM MARIE TSUM TSUM - Until now I've resisted the Tsum Tsum craze, however it was evident that Grant was really tickled by them whenever we saw them in a shop, so my refrain crumbled. We discussed the idea of starting a collection of the small ones, however ultimately decided to instead go for a single medium one. We figured we'll start a more selective collection, only buying them on special occasions. Given that we're cat people, we started with Marie.
25TH ANNIVERSARY TINKER BELL MUG - Since Disneyland Paris is celebrating it's 25th anniversary this year (which makes me smile as I'm turning 25 myself this year - I love that I get to share landmark celebrations with my favourite place!) I figured it was only right to go home with something that featured the anniversary branding. The bulk of the 25th anniversary merchandise wasn't quite my style, however this dusty rose and gold mug featuring Tinker Bell is absolutely perfect. I have a 30+ strong collection of Disney mugs, however this is my first addition to feature Miss Bell. There was also a matching star shaped plate, however I decided I'd get more use out of the mug, not to mention I get to display it alongside the rest of my collection!


  1. I'm so glad that you had a good time! I love all the little treasures you brought back with you, especially the vintage Art Prints! Keep up the posts. <3

  2. So glad you had such a good time, you always find the classiest things! I never knew you could go inside the Disneyland Hotel if you're not staying there