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Blossom Rain

Last year I went through a phase where I didn't like having my photo taken when I wasn't in costume. When I used to write my personal style blog I became very accustomed to seeing myself looking a certain way in photos, with hip length red hair, beautiful clothes I'd been sent to review, and polished red lipstick. When I decided I wanted to move away from that blog I underwent a lot of personal changes; Briar Rose had become such a concrete part of my identity, and to an extent I'd forgotten who I was once disentangled from it. 

After some time away from blogging I made the decision to get rid of my signature red hair. At this point my hair hadn't been entirely it's natural colour since I was eleven, and I was very curious to remind myself of the colour I'd been disguising for so many years. Of course, removing nine years of box dye from my hair was no small undertaking, and meant I had to sacrifice a lot of my length. I spent over thirty hours in the salon chair, and decided to keep my ends blonde for a while until my natural colour has grown out more. Losing my dramatic length was the most heartbreaking part for me. I know hair grows back and it seems a petty thing to begrudge, but growing it to my hips had taken me the better part of a decade. Despite loving my new colour, I still felt a bit disheartened when I looked in the mirror.

Almost a year on from when I began the colour correction process, I have no regrets. Despite every precaution and the generous amounts of Olaplex my stylist used lightening my colour, I have found myself needing to routinely trim the ends to keep it looking healthy, however I know it's in the interest of once again having it incredibly long. I've also found that I quite enjoy having shorter hair for the time being - it takes far less time to wash and air dry, and it's far easier to style. My ultimate goal is to once again have hip length hair, but this time in my natural colour. It felt like a mammoth undertaking at first, but now that I have a solid 8/9 inches of virgin hair growth I'm feeling reassured that this goal is achievable. I've also realised that I actually like my natural colour far more than I was expecting to.

I feel like a strikingly different person to the one I was a couple of years ago, physically and emotionally. My new appreciation for time spent outdoors has had a knock on effect on my wardrobe; I still base my clothing choices in pastels and light colours (which I feel suit my colouring a little better now), however my daily outfits tend to be a bit more comfortable and better suited to countryside adventures than they used to be. I'm still an utter girly girl, but I've found other avenues to express that instead of wearing frothy fairytale dresses every day of the week. I get to live out all of my organza and lace fantasies through my costumes anyway!


  1. Love this. I too recently went through a total image change and started dressing in more colours (and more pastels!) Loving your new blog xx

  2. I want to grow out my natural colour as well do this has inspired me a lot! :) x x

  3. I'm so proud of how far you have come as a person and your own personal development. This is truly inspiring!

  4. I identify so much with this post. I feel like in the last couple of years I have really found my style and look and it's quite different to me in my teens and early twenties. I feel like it's a part of growing up and becoming a proper adult (it has felt like it for me anyway!). Loved your look before and love it now too!