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Easter Day

Last year was my first Easter I spent away from family. Through my earlier years away from Cornwall, university breaks had always allowed me to return to the family fold, however last year I found myself in the position where work commitments required me to stay in Bath over the bank holiday weekend. I wasn't working Easter day itself, however I ended up with a stomach bug and as a result spent the day in bed. Grant was working, but knowing I was feeling down he set out a miniature egg hunt around our flat before I woke up, leaving some clues and a basket on my bedside table. It was such a sweet gesture, and made a day I had written off feel like somewhat of an occasion. 

This year we found ourselves in a completely different situation; Grant's birthday fell on Easter Sunday, instantly making it a special day. Grant hadn't had the opportunity to visit Cornwall since Christmas, so he knew from the word 'go' that he wanted to make the journey down for his birthday. 

Whilst we love our cosy flat in Bath and will be sad to let it go in June, we both feel a little claustrophobic sometimes with no garden or outdoor space to call our own. My parents' house falls in stark contrast; they run holiday lets across two acres of land, providing plenty of space to breathe and enjoy the fresh air. My favourite part is the penned in area where they keep their two goats - Bugsy and Tallulah  - along with a variety of ducks and chickens whose eggs we collected on Easter morning for homemade waffles. The goats are relatively old now, but they love human company. Bugsy was shedding his winter coat, and every time we were nearby he would potter over for grooming.
Once Grant had opened his birthday cards and gifts, we spent most of Easter day in the garden with bottles of wine and countless games of cards. It was gloriously sunny (I got the worst sunburn I've had in years, but that's another story), and we enjoyed the company of cats and chickens as they came and went. My sister returned from work in the late afternoon, so we opened a bottle of prosecco before deciding it was time for the first family egg hunt in a good few years, then rounded off the day with a barbecue at the bottom of the garden in the last of the evening sun.

Knowing this was likely our last trip to Cornwall before we officially move down this summer was bittersweet. Currently our visits are very much holidays - we eat and drink and put all thoughts of our daily responsibilities out of our heads - however after the move we will have to adjust and treat life differently. I don't want to start taking our surroundings for granted the way I did when I lived in Cornwall as a teenager. I want us to enjoy the beaches and walks and the open space we'll have at our disposal, however we'll need to balance that with the new adult commitments we now have that we didn't when we lived there prior to university.

I'm very optimistic and excited about our life in Cornwall, as is Grant. We've both felt the pull for a while now, and our brief Easter visit confirmed it. True, we'll be bringing our everyday stresses with us, but so many aspects of our lives will be better. We won't be five minutes from a city centre, but instead five minutes from the sea. We'll have to travel further for conventions and events, but we will be able to engage with a welcoming creative community. Any big move comes with big adjustment, but right now I feel like we're making this one for all the right reasons.


  1. I am so excited for your new adventure into old stomping grounds. I'm feeling the photos and stories will be amazing

  2. Beautiful photos - this sounds like the most idyllic day <3

    G is for Gingers xx