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A Beach Date

Cornwall is where Grant was born. It's where the two of us met, and where we spent the first three years of our relationship. Six years later, and it's where we're returning to save up a house deposit and hopefully buy a place of our own. It's been a constant in our relationship. Even during our years out of county it's been the place where we've routinely returned for Christmases, birthdays, weddings, and comfort.

Moving back as adults we feel the need to carve out a slightly new existence for ourselves; explore places we haven't been to before, or places that we'd fallen out of the habit of visiting. Gwithian is a prime example of this - it's a long, sandy beach with a gorgeously varied landscape. One moment you're clambering over sand dunes, the next facing sheer cliffs that are visibly crumbling away. I only visited it a few times as a teenager, either with friends or for surfing lessons (very short lived - I love swimming in calm seas, but anything rougher and I prefer to watch the waves from a distance with a cup of tea in my hands). In contrast, we spend a great deal of time across the bay in St Ives outside of peak tourist season. On clear days you can clearly see it across the water from Gwithian.

The Saturday of the Easter weekend we decided to embrace the sun, so I took Grant on his first trip to Gwithian since he was a small child. First we stopped at The Rockpool for lunch and a couple of drinks before heading outside for some exploration. I was surprised by how quiet it was for a bank holiday weekend; a few people were out, but not many considering the bright weather. There was a cold breeze, but nothing the hazy sunlight couldn't compensate for. The beaches we usually frequent are much smaller (such as Kynance Cove), so in nicer weather you can find yourself having to step over people every which way you turn. Gwithian was a welcome change, with more than enough room for everyone who'd decided to celebrate the holiday weekend with a little sand and sea.

We've making the move in mid June, so once all of that's out of the way we'll be in prime beach exploration season. I want to discover as many different beaches as possible, so please let me know if you have any you'd recommend!


  1. You are both so beautiful it's shocking

  2. I love your coat so much! And the photography is beautiful as always :)