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A Beach Date

Cornwall is where Grant was born. It's where the two of us met, and where we spent the first three years of our relationship. Six years later, and it's where we're returning to save up a house deposit and hopefully buy a place of our own. It's been a constant in our relationship. Even during our years out of county it's been the place where we've routinely returned for Christmases, birthdays, weddings, and comfort.

Easter Day

Last year was my first Easter I spent away from family. Through my earlier years away from Cornwall, university breaks had always allowed me to return to the family fold, however last year I found myself in the position where work commitments required me to stay in Bath over the bank holiday weekend. I wasn't working Easter day itself, however I ended up with a stomach bug and as a result spent the day in bed. Grant was working, but knowing I was feeling down he set out a miniature egg hunt around our flat before I woke up, leaving some clues and a basket on my bedside table. It was such a sweet gesture, and made a day I had written off feel like somewhat of an occasion. 

This year we found ourselves in a completely different situation; Grant's birthday fell on Easter Sunday, instantly making it a special day. Grant hadn't had the opportunity to visit Cornwall since Christmas, so he knew from the word 'go' that he wanted to make the journey down for his birthday. 

Princess Adventures

It's not often you meet a true princess. This week my dear friend Imogen came to Bath for a visit, and we marked the occasion by putting together casual outfits inspired by the two original Disney princesses; Cinderella and Snow White. Those of you who follow me on social media will know that Disney costuming is a passion of mine, and I befriended Imogen through a Disney meet up at MCM London Comic Con.