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Our Little Pearl

As soon as we knew we were going to be moving down to Cornwall, we knew we were finally going to get a cat. We're both lifelong cat people, however for the past six years in Bath our landlords haven't allowed pets. Now that we're in Cornwall renting from family we're finally able to bring a fur baby into our lives. We also have a car now, which we decided years ago was necessary before taking on the responsibility of a pet.

Port Isaac

The odds were against us enjoying our day in Port Isaac. Health wise, it was the worst day I had over our trip, and it rained constantly. Thankfully, neither of these things drastically hampered our experience. My family were very patient with me, always willing to take breaks or walk at my speed, and although the rain refused to ease off there were plenty of shops and distractions to keep us occupied for the afternoon. Despite the weather, we were still drawn to the beach, where we competed to see who could collect the most sea glass.